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framed photo + oil painting on glass

Tiger Swallowtail + Monarch + Found Photo

Tiger Swallowtail + Monarch + Found Photo

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A photo of a girl (with a sweet little smirk on her face) on a soft neutral background, with two butterfly companions resting on the glass; composed in a creamy white and taupe gray frame with soft mottled texture & distressing

Approximate outer dimensions: 7 ½ by 9 ½ inches


✷ The photo is float-mounted with acid-free linen tape to archival mat board. The glass is uv resistant and will help prevent the photo & mat from fading. Acrylic spacers keep the glass from resting directly on top of the photo (which can cause sticking + damage over time) and also adds dimension to the piece. Hanging hardware + artist signature on back of frame.

✷ The materials I use are often vintage, secondhand, and/or repurposed from remnants, and therefore may have minor imperfections that add to the character of the piece. Any flaws that I consider potentially more bothersome are shown in greater detail.

✷ The frame and painting are one complete piece; the glass is attached in a way that is intended to be permanent, and attempting to remove the glass from the frame will result in destruction of the artwork.


Artist Statement:

The impression my moth and butterfly paintings are meant to give is that a real creature happened to see a frame sitting "empty" and decided to land there. Part of the story they tell is in this illusion of a fleeting moment that has been frozen and can be held onto...

These are another iteration of this same idea; instead of having them sitting on their own in an ostensibly empty frame, they share the space with an old photo. Adding these tangible relics, these literal snapshots of singular moments, underneath the glass on which they are resting makes for a beautiful elaboration on the existing narrative, a lovely added layer of nostalgia.

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