Caring for your artwork

Some tips on caring for my moth & butterfly paintings done on glass:

✷ A clean + dry soft-bristle brush (think a fluffy mop paint brush) can be used to gently dust the surface of the painting, glass, and frame.

✷ A cotton swab or all-purpose wiper can be used to spot clean the glass. Water, glass cleaner, or diluted rubbing alcohol are all fine, but avoid spraying directly on glass; apply a small amount of cleaner to the swab/wipe/paper towel instead.

✷ Use caution cleaning the glass closest to the painting itself, so as not to damage any delicate details around the edges.

✷ I do not recommend hanging these pieces (or any original artwork for that matter) where they will be exposed to excessive heat + humidity + moisture + direct sunlight. This can cause accelerated damage over time.

✷ The frame and painting are one complete piece. The glass is attached in a way that is intended to be permanent, and attempting to remove the glass from the frame will result in destruction of the artwork.