Artist bio

Natalie has her bachelor's degree in English. While in college, she indulged her lifelong love of making art by taking as many art classes as she could alongside her main field of study. After graduating and moving back to her hometown, she opted to immerse herself in several semesters' worth of drawing, painting, and sculpture coursework to further develop her skills.

It was also around this time that Natalie serendipitously found employment in custom picture framing. She fell in love with the craft and would spend almost ten years in this line of work, until the events of 2020 brought about a shift from framing full-time to making art full-time.

During these years spent focusing on artistic growth and working as a framer, various interests and ideas began to coalesce, ultimately leading Natalie to her current ongoing body of work: painting realistic moths and butterflies on glass housed within thoughtfully selected frames, creating small jewels of artwork inspired by nature and nostalgia.

Natalie was born in 1986. She currently lives and works close to where she grew up in the suburbs just outside of St. Louis, Missouri.