I've always loved creating & collecting things that hold magic and tell stories.

After graduating with my bachelor's degree in English and having taken as many art courses as I could around my main field of study (officially I ended up with a minor concentration in painting) I opted to continue pursuing the latter by immersing myself in several semesters' worth of figurative drawing & painting & sculpture classes at a few college campuses closer to home.

During that time, I also found my way into the field of custom framing and design. I absolutely fell in love with not only the craft itself, but also with the incredible variety of unique and beautiful picture frame mouldings that there are; the way this design element can be used to not only preserve and protect artwork, but also to enhance the story it tells.

Different ideas started to piece themselves together over those years in a way that led to re-embracing what had at one time been such an integral personal fascination (admittedly slightly quashed in my adolescence) with collecting things. Things that I found lovely and special, things that lit me up inside or pulled at my heartstrings, often treasures found outside in nature, sometimes more obscure odds & ends.

In particular, my paintings of moths and butterflies (the paintings themselves as well as the frames in which they live) are informed by that love of discovering and collecting, the capturing of a fleeting moment, the transforming of the ordinary or overlooked into something whimsical and sentimental.